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Tabloid - Special Mention at IIEC 2010

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The Tabloid is a touch-screen based learning device that will help in bringing video education to all corners of the country. We won special mention at Intel India Embedded Challenge 2010.

Tabloid is the ultimate device for high speed information interchange over the cloud. It utilizes the BEAM protocol to communicate with devices and share data on thecloud. Touch screen interactivity is built into Tabloid to facilitate human input without the needfor accessories.

B.E.A.M stands for Basic Electronic Awareness Medium. BEAM, built on top of the HyperText protocol is used for transmitting data over the internet seamlessly between devices connected to the cloud. Tabloid leverages on its cloud computing ability and touch screen interactivity to bring to its users 3 basic solutions over the internet - T-News, T-Learning and T-Conference. The device has inbuilt Wi-Fi, Mic and Webcam.

T-News is the replacement for conventional newspapers. It brings to the users an interactive news experience like never before. News items not only have video, audio and images but also have commenting, discussion facility for each news item. The news items are displayed in tabs and the users have touch screen interactivity. The comments may also be in audio or video.

T-Learning is the replacement for e-Learning. The device having Wi-Fi connectivity, allows users to connect to the intranet/internet and have a virtual interactive blackboard. Not only may seamless audio/video lectures may be broadcasted, but even discussions may be possible over VoIP/Voicemail.

T-Conference allows people to be virtually connected over the cloud. Someone from a phone may connect to a conference between people on Tabloids and computers. Tabloid, having limited processing requirements, will be a cost effective and preferred cloud computing device of the future.

A small form factor and affordability will be the standout features that Tabloid aims to achieve in the MID segment. Tabloid is envisaged to create a blue ocean combining the marketspaces of education, media and communication.

Micromouse SMD

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A Micromouse is an electro mechanical device which autonomously solves a maze and reaches its centre. Micromouse SMD is's brainchild and one of the smallest micromouse variants in the country.

A famous physicist Claude Shannon (after whom the Shannon Coding theory is named) was one of the first people to take such a keen interest in Micromouse.

Amongst other electronic gadgets we have also made an effort to develop a maze solving mouse from scratch. Some specification of the same are:

Motors - Steppers phase resistance is 4 ohm. They are real small motors.
Wheels - 5cm Diameter
Sensors - T.R.I. micromouse sensors.
Motor Drivers - A3983SLPT (Allegro Microstepper and chopping motor drivers). GOSH! these drivers work like a charm. These were used in full step mode. They also [erform exceedingly well in the quarter step mode. Incase you need help in driving these motors you could write to me at
Microcontroller - The ever trustwothy Atmega series . Specifically using the SMD version of ATmega88. Running this small monster at a lowly 8Mhz.
Code - A modofied version of the flood fill.
Batteries - 3.7v Li Ion * 3
Weight – 400 gms
Straight Speed (Max) – 1.5 m/s

While making all this 3rd time in a row we learnt a big lesson to follow If you really want to make a good device. If you really want make good software for a device its important that you make the hardware for it too !