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Team Members

Shivrath Garg
Akshay Rana
Ananya Jha
Arijit Chakraborty
Gaurav Saxena
Harsh Singhi
Mrityunjay Kalita
Neha Goenka
Pallav Agrawal
Sajal Kumar
Saurabh Kamble
Shilpika Shukla
Sonam Lal
Srividya M
Zeenat Parveen



Team Members

Ankur Aggrawal
Nirbhai Chadha
Vishal Gupta
Pratik Kumar Dhaboo
Prikshit Gupta
Gaurav Jhingran
Ashish Mehta



The A ~ WISH ~ CAR

AWISHCAR, the word which is a Hindi word meaning “Invention”  is more than just a word for a few students of Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra. It is the team’s inspiration for working tirelessly for days together. Team Awishcar started with two students joining their hands with an aim to revolutionize the automotive industry. Today we are nine and may be in the years to come we will be a much larger family.


Team Awishcar was born as early as in the year 2004 when two of the present team members namely Nirbhai Chadha and Ankur Aggrawal joined their hands together to make a car which has wheels that can turn as well as tilt while turning. It started as a theoretical concept but the first breakthrough of the team came in Feb’05 when in Kshtij ’05 the idea was awarded the second prize in the event called Khoj at IIT Kharagpur. The idea was also praised at International Unnayan’05 at BIT Mesra where the team got the 1st prize in a similar event. The car was in a toy model at that time. The concept also got significant appraisal from the Chairman of SIDBI and many important personalities across the Jharkhand State. The support shown by various people increased the confidence of the team and the then existing team decided to convert their toy model into an actual car with the mechanism which the team called as the Advanced Steering Mechanism. The team also promised to make the model more resistant to accidents due to toppling as their model lowered the centre of gravity of the car while turning. This would help the car take a turn at a higher speed with a reduced risk of toppling.


Meanwhile the two members of the team decided to apply for a patent for their mechanism. The team members worked days together on the drafting of the patent documents as well as giving theoretical explanations of their concept. The patent was filed at the Delhi Patent Office and it is still in process. The next breakthrough was the one which brought the team on the national arena. It came as a complete surprise when the team members came to know that they had got a sponsored stall at the Auto Expo’06. But this breakthrough came with a bigger challenge to the team. They had to fabricate a complete car within 10 days to exhibit at the Auto Expo held from 11th Jan’06 to 18th Jan’06 at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi. Well the fabrication was done during the stipulated time and the concept was a great success at the Auto Expo which was evident by the number of visitors their stall had during the 8 day exhibition. They called this car SPOWDY which means “Speed” in Greek.


 Energized by the response and support that came from the automotive industry towards Spowdy, the team decided to work more on the stability and actual testing of their model. For this the team contacted Tata Motors. Tata Motors though appreciated the work of the team but rejected to help saying the idea of the concept car doesn’t go with the image of Tata Motors. Meanwhile, Dr. C. Sahay of University of Hartford gave the team an idea to participate in the international event called Formula Student. This idea was further encouraged by Dr. Aiyagiri Rao during Drishtant ’06. The idea of a Formula Car was nurturing in Birla Institute of Technology. Meanwhile the team continued its work on Spowdy. They spent about 1 month at Vellore Institute of Technology, Vellore working at the TIFAC core with the kind support of Dr. B.V.A. Rao. At TIFAC, the team worked on softwares like Solid Works, Ansys, Hypermesh etc. for testing and further designing of the mechanism.


The idea of the formula car was in the thought process and there was no practical work till Nov. ’06 when during the Youth Festival hosted by Birla Institute of Technology, the Hon’able Chief Minister of Jharkhand Mr. Madhu Koda announced a sponsorship of Rs. 25,00,000 for the formula car project. This once again boosted the confidence of the team members and the Awishcar family started to grow now.


In search of a proper place to fabricate the Formula Car the then existing team moved all over the country and after moving to places like Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi, Jamshedpur, Coimbatore etc. the team came to know that the best place for the fabrication of the car was none other than the place they currently resided i.e. Ranchi. This was Dec.’06.


The area for search had shrunk but to find the best workshop for the fabrication of the car in Ranchi was still not an easy job. The team searched the whole of Ranchi and there came a period when the team decided to drop the plan of the Formula Car because we were unable to find a place where we would get all the facilities required for the fabrication. But at the end the team met two rally drivers who own a Maruti workshop namely Mr. Aloke Kumar Ghosh and Mr. Musa. That day and today, they have been with us throughout and without their support it would have been impossible to bring the 1st running model of FS-07 on the roads of Ranchi.