webpage last updated on: 06.05.2008

AWISHCAR 2.0 ( FS - 08 )

Car for the year 2008

The FS-07 was a first time entry at the formula student competition yet was an attractive product to the target market.

The team has employed a range of analysis and testing techniques during the design and development of the FS-08 to achieve these features and simultaneously incorporate technologically advanced components, both in terms of hardware and design.

The aim of the team has been to make the car safer, more efficient, aesthetically and technologically superior to other in-class prototypes, eliminate the shortcomings of the previous vehicle, while reducing the dimensions as well as meeting the stringent rules and regulations of the event.

This year we plan to modify our design to accomplish the following goals:

>> To produce a lighter car

>> To use a bike engine instead of a car engine.

>> If possible use pipes of rectangular cross section as this avoids the problems of fish mouthing.

>> To have a proper body design over this chassis.

>> To have proper analysis of the modified chassis in Ansys.


Thus in conclusion, we can say that Awishcar’08 is an even more cost effective and attractive option to its target market, in terms of aesthetics, safety, performance, production and serviceability, as compared to its predecessor.

The car incorporates both cutting edge technology and aesthetics while abiding by the stringent rules put down by the FSAE team, including safety, design and cost constraints.