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Formula SAE

Formula SAE


What is F SAE ?

F SAE is a competition where University students from all across the globe design and fabricate Formula SAE style cars. It is organized by SAE ( Society of Automotive Engineers ) . The uniqueness of this event lies in the fact that only a handful of Indian Universities participate with BIT Mesra being one of them. Participation in this mega-event helps the students to actually think out of their curriculum. The team members get immense experience right from technical expertise to managerial abilities. They get to work independently in the actual market, thus giving them a better understanding of the industrial and corporate world of which they will be a part in the future. The manufacturing of a full-working model by undergraduate students is in itself an excellent feat and helps students to apply their engineering knacks into a live project.


Young engineering students and graduates are exposed to marketing, time management, project management, team building, budgeting, presentation skills, and other management issues. Through FSAE, they develop experience, skills and professionalism as “hands on” engineers, with a keen awareness of the often competing pressures of performance, cost, safety, reliability and regulatory compliance. The benefit to students is immense and is good experience for engineers preparing to enter a career in motorsport, the automotive industry or many other areas of high performance engineering.


F SAE Concept

The competition concept is for students to design, manufacture and race a small formula style prototype racing car. There are technical restrictions on the design but compared with most racing formulae, these are extremely open, encouraging innovation and originality in the students designs. The cars are pitted against the clock in a range of dynamic events to test the cars capabilities for its desired market. Students are also tested in the Design event on their engineering knowledge of the car they have produced. The competition is not just about engineering though. Part of the concept is that teams assume that they are building their prototype to attract a manufacturer with the view that the car will be produced for the non-professional weekend autocross racer at a volume of 1000 units per year. Students must present a business case for this level of production of their prototype along with a detailed cost breakdown of the prototype. These facets of the competition aim to build business and administrative knowledge in the students while the design and manufacture builds their practical engineering skills.


FSAE Australasia is a part of SAE (FSAE) Series which is a student based Engineering design competition run by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE). It began life in the USA over 25 years ago with just a handful of universities competing. Since then this event has grown to host over 140 teams from all around the world and led to the creation of similar competitions in Europe, Asia, South America and Australia. The Australian event began in 2000. Events are held once a year for each country with this event being in December. The teams spend 12 months or more designing, manufacturing and testing their cars for these events as a new car must be produced each year.