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The Managing team consists of three young engineers, alumni of renowned companies in India.

Pratik Dhaboo: An alumni of PwC (India) Pvt. Ltd. He has worked closely with the software industry and has a deep understanding of their requirements and solutions. Pratik is an expert with Open Source software development, Electronics and Mechanical design. Apart from this he has also worked with commercial off the shelf software products available in the market. Pratik is also adept at deploying SCADA solutions and PLC programming.

Anand: Having worked previously with SAP Labs (India) and Infosys, Anand is a SAP Certified Professional. He brings with him a strong background on SAP-ABAP/4 and has implemented custom reports in Enterprise Applications.

Nilav: He has worked on products and solutions from worlds leading software and electronics brands. An expert in Electronics, Nilav has been in the implementation of both platform and cloud solutions. He is also adept at Embedded systems design and loves programming on the .NET platform.